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Monday, 10 April 2023

What's all this about a tax credit for an airport hotel?

The Ottawa airport hotel tax credit defies logic. 

I ran as a a replacement for Jenna Sudds in North Kanata. The councillors under Watson chose  Kathy Currie.   Recently Ms. Currie,  amongst others - including Rawlson King, voted for a tax benefit to proponents of a new airport hotel, which to his credit the mayor Suitcase opposed.  

The bewildered Currie cited cries for improved transportation and accommodation options for her North Kanata constituents, especially those among them working in the business park.  Unfortunately,  this is not the role of city government. The city must provide structure and function, as Clive Doucet argues in part 8 of The Watsonics. The city must provide the infrastructure and services and then let the citizens and businesses do the rest. Why is this so hard to understand?

Well we saw something similar with the Porche dealership on Montreal road.   Doucet argues “systemic corruption” as the cause of most problems at city hall, but I doubt this is true concerning the councillor in question. Rather, I suggest that old habits and patterns were at work. My job here is to point that out and the need to think differently about spending precious taxpayer resources.

Thursday, 2 March 2023

What does the voter do if their councillor is unable?

In a recent essay by Clive Doucet  he recollected Carole Anne Mehan saying that as a councilor she had trouble getting a new garbage can for her constituents. 

Reflecting on this I wondered what the people we have elected will actually do for us in their elected roles. 

In Ward thirteen I am constantly seeing streams of social media about some good cause or another, none of it having anything particularly to do with the work of the councilor. They were “pleased to attend” they were “pleased to receive” -but really its all feel good fluff.  On ocassion the councillor will report on road conditions.

Then we will get notices of budget consultations: but as a constituent where does one begin? We don’t have any context, no comparables, no intelligence or targeted reporting at our disposal. Again, the councilor is paid to participate in the budget process and make good decisions so a general call to “listen in to budget talks” or “provide feedback on the budget” seems rather pointless. 

So what will the zealous councilor do? And what is the conscientious citizen to contribute?  I know if I was a developer I’d just want faster permitting, and more favourable zoning: and they’ll get what they want. They bought and paid for it. 

Meanwhile people like Carole Anne might complain again about her need for a garbage can. Maybe private citizens can send in letters to council or news media like the Bull Dog. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2022

Its not about the debate - people had already made up their minds


In our municipal democracy if the informed voters choses the best candidate, based on the information and facts available then we get the best council possible. IF we have the best council possible we get the best city possible. In that case... we all win. Right?

8400 electors chose the incumbent whereas I received 716 votes.

As of election day only 840 views of the debate between the incumbent and myself occurred. 

There were other sources of information for the voters: interviews such as the one with Vince Callo: again with only 290 views. There was a CTV video clip, the CBC questionnaire, short articles in local papers such as the Manor Park Chronicle.

So how did people come to their voting conclusions with such finality?

If they knew the incumbent had resigned from his OPS seat during the trucker convoy: obviously they cared less. Maybe they did not know: either way.

The electors were going to vote for the incumbent no matter what. 

In Ottawa, all of the incumbents won their seats easily.

During the debate I held the incumbent to task for ghettoizing our community housing and especially his resignation from the OPS board during the trucker convoy crisis.

I said I wanted to increase voter participation and change the dynamics on council regarding the urban /rural vote splitting.

I understand that the voter engagement was actually around 40% -  2% higher than in 2019 byelection. 

As for the vote splitting between the suburbs and urban voters: Suitcase clobbered McKenney there is no sign of abatement in that department.

Thanks to all the voters regardless of how they passed their vote. It is a privilege to run and to at least be considered. We now live with the consequences.

Monday, 24 October 2022

Election 2022 Results

 I did not get the "W".

The result is offset by the 716 votes that I did get. Thanks to those voters.

If the voters are informed they elect the best candidate. If the best candidate is elected we all get the best council. If we get the best council then we get a better Ottawa. In that case we all win.

Over the past 2 months there were 3000 views of my blog. 500 views alone on election day. 

In addition to CTV video, VC's job interview with 250 views, and citizen and cbc's questionnaires there were 850 views of my debate with the incumbent.

Are the voters informed?

Let us hope and pray they are. 

Monday, 17 October 2022

Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Ward 13 Debate

 King and I square off and I hold him to account for his resignation from the OPS board.

I also point out that we must stop ghetto izing our affordable housing units and take better care of the inventory...he sat on the OCH board.

Regarding the Police Services matter: CBC reported as follows:

Coun. Rawlson King, council's first and only Black member and the police service's co-chair of the community equity council, made it clear he stood with Deans. He defended the police services board, saying it had asked the "toughest questions" during three weeks of disruptive protest. 

King announced his own resignation during the council meeting. His announcement stymied his colleagues' plan to overhaul the board with King playing a "key role" in consulting with communities who have been "over-policed."

Many councillors pleaded with King to stay on the board. Coun. Mathieu Fleury, close to tears, told King he's been "the moral leader" of council. 

King refused, and will be replaced by Coun. Jeff Leiper.