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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Tunnels and Bridges, Pas de problem!

As it stands there are semi trucks making right hand turns at Rideau and King Edward.
Mayor Watson describes the Kettle Island bridge option as "an eviceration" of communities. The NCC calls it the best option (note Tobi Nussbaum is the new NCC CEO).  The leadership at Montfort has rightly identified that truck traffic may slow down emergency services.

But something is going to happen.

Mayor Watson has envisioned a tunnel under the Rideau River leading trucks to the 417.  Does anybody see a problem with this? I certainly do!

People are throwing around numbers like a billion dollars like it was chump change. ( if you tried to count to a billion you would die of old age first!)

The Kettle island option could also incorporate a tunnelling combination with a bridge  to avoid traffic tie ups.

Its time to get creative with the solutions, not a bridge alone not a tunnel alone, but bridges and tunnels in combination.

The NCC is focusing on three locations for a sixth bridge: one at Kettle Island near the Rockcliffe Airport and two farther east at Lower Duck Island and McLaurin Bay that connect with Ottawa in the Orleans area.

Cbc video on traffic at King Edward and the failed tunnel at Kettle island

The National Capital Commission recommended Ottawa's sixth interprovincial bridge cross over Kettle Island. The corridor at Kettle Island near the Rockcliffe Airport was one of three options the NCC considered for the proposed interprovincial bridge. 

Alain-Michel S├ękula, Chair of the Montfort Hospital trustees, said the traffic that the new bridge created would tie-up ambulances in traffic. As envisioned he is right but he didn't really offer any alternatives either.

"the bridge is going to Kettle island, you can like that or lump it but that is where it is going to go" says Jim Patton:

Saturday, 16 March 2019

And then there were 17

Get Informed, ask questions, vote responsibly

Cast your vote virtually in this unofficial poll.

Unofficial Poll :

 Very good CBC Article on all candidates

✔8. Peter Jan Karwacki

2019/02/11 Yes 613-304-5844 sends e-mail) is external) 

 1. Kasia Adamiec

 2019/02/28 Yes 613-791-3575 sends e-mail)

 2. Idris Ben-Tahir

 2019/03/01 No 613-234-0707 sends e-mail)

 3. Marc Dorgeville

 2019/01/30 Yes 613-809-2937 sends e-mail) is external)

 4. Bruce A. Faulkner 2019/02/26 No sends e-mail)

 5. Johan Hamels

 2019/01/30 Yes 613-744-6009 sends e-mail) is external)

 6. Peter Heyck 2019/02/15 Yes 613-853-4251 sends e-mail)

 7. Miklos Horvath

 2019/02/13 Yes 613-293-0323 sends e-mail) is external)

9. Rawlson King

 2019/02/05 Yes 613-868-1860 sends e-mail) is external)

 10. Jerry Kovacs

 2019/03/01 Yes 613-366-6796 sends e-mail)

 11. Jamie Kwong

 2019/01/30 Yes 613-252-8366 sends e-mail) is external)

 12. Maurice Lamirande

 2019/02/26 No 613-371-7827 sends e-mail) is external) 

13. Patrick Mayangi

 2019/02/06 Yes 613-262-8342 sends e-mail) is external)

 14. Oriana Ngabirano

 2019/02/04 Yes 613-252-4364 sends e-mail) is external)

 15. Chris Penton

 2019/02/14 Yes 613-883-1012 sends e-mail) is external)

 16. Sheila Perry

 2019/03/01 Yes 613-407-7434 sends e-mail)

 17. Penny Thompson

 2019/02/01 Yes 613-851-9623 sends e-mail) is external) 

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Ward Issues - The folly of promises made but unkept

I encourage people to ask for the change they want to see in the Ward.  What I have heard over the last month has not been unreasonable...better snow clearing, help with child care for new citizens, improved bike lane maintenance, vigilance at council to guard the public purse... this is all very reasonable.  You will find all candidates citing similar surprise there, we collectively know what our issues are.

One man simply asked for a better dog park. As a dog owner I can relate. As I have said, I want to support families, their children and their pets. The animals are just innocent by standers and they trust that we will look after them.

Voter Resources:

Rogers TV finally published their candidates presentations. There are 15 of these three minute sessions. It is interesting to see many reading notes and reciting lists. I am sure this approach is not going to resonate with voters. Why? Because the issues are pretty much universal, instead the point is “who will best represent the ward?” You be the judge, here are ALL of the statements: Here is the link to the English show on our YouTube channel. (may thanks to Rogers TV for their support of this community ward election)

If you are impatient... I start at 15:53! ... but please listen to what everybody has to say.  

Community Policing Anyone?

Community policing is a philosophy of full service personalized policing, where the same officer patrols and works in the same area on a permanent basis, from a decentralized place, working in a proactive partnership with citizens to identify and solve problems." — Bertus Ferreira.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

A history of political involvement

I have been encouraged to participate in politics by my friends and family, people who know me best.

Although I am no politician I believe in the power of politics to get things done. It is the art of the possible.

Here is a brief look at my family’s political archive. For the record, my father, possibly the least political of all politicians did become a town councillor.Note: my grand father was Winnipeg’s first Ukrainian speaking councillor.

Monday, 11 March 2019

Essential Services and the role of councillor

What we often take for granted, transit services, hospital services, ambulance services, garbage pick up, sewer and water, police and fire services...the councillor has a leadership role, a spokesperson’s role to communicate the standards expected by the community.

Who do you want communicating your needs at city hall?

The city is geographically large and complex. There is a preponderance of highly educated people who all seem to have an opinion on about how things should run, often with opposing views.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Give the fake poll a try.

Keep in mind this just gives a indication of how people are thinking. Where they put their "x's" on April 15th is an entirely different matter.

Rogers TV prepared 15 segments, with each candidate speaking for three minutes.  Follow this link to access the Rogers presentations for all of the candidates, presented here for your convenience.

Neighborhood Challenges

A bit of friendly competition can be fun and helpful too.

In such a diverse ward cohesion is built by finding ways to pool efforts and build understanding though common purpose.